Oh, if I could write you the song…but I am only the lyricist. Welcome to Lyricsunsung. Feel free to explore the menu button above. What you will find within this site are the musings I have gotten from everyday life. From the rants to the lyrical, it has been the way I have bled my observations in thought most of my life. From Christ to cussing, we all are human and I try to embrace that first, without bias. My inspirations in music come from years as a DJ, my appreciation of the art of music, and the discipline of following the spirit as it may move me to write. Most of the lyrics come with a genre as I hear them in my head. Complete with structure, breaks, and primary instruments used, some of my writings one might be able to pick out the feel, If you listen closely. However I normally leave that to the reader to decide. If you want to inquire about the piece itself, by all means, just go ahead and ask me. I can sing, play a little guitar, pick out on a piano, and know my way around percussion, primarily congas. But I don’t read music so for now, I wait. If only I could find someone talented enough to write music to my words, mmmmm? Until than, they always be lyrics unsung.

Enjoy what’s in the menu on the top of page and welcome again to LYRICSUNSUNG,


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