In order to have love there must be a reasoning in the spirit. In order to have hope there must be a belief in a higher guidance. In order to have faith there must be humility and submission to the positive unseen. higman

Shelter Me O Lord for I am told by the faithless that hope only exist in the minds of man. I am told by those claiming faith there are no second chances.
All are loved ones and close to my heart. All are yours.
Shelter Me Lord for I am tossed like a rag doll by Angels and Demons daily. Though the face of death has left for now, the torment of the world surrounds me constantly. Shelter myself O Lord and all those I know. It is by faith and faith alone I survive. Your wisdom is all I can truly rely upon in these days. For the times are filled with confusion beyond my control.
Shelter me O Lord and but for one last time. I am so alone in a crowded world. I do not know what I was named for and my purpose is never clear. I no longer trust my reactions, my instincts as they have been self centered resulting in wronging those I love. Shelter me O Lord, for the times curl up crying instead of praying.

by higman

I watched the children play. Observed them from start to end. As they assembled then split up slowly into groups all by themselves. Slowly the interactions between themselves took shape. On occasion, one group would separate from the singles. Then there would be an outreach to bring in those on the fringe. When all began to settle, little groups making up a whole, I asked about those left on the outside. A child called Compassion whispered ” We tried but they just wanted to hate.”
I asked the loners, now forming on their own, “What’s up ?” One named Shame said ” I’m not like them.” As the few others gathered, looking at me, nodding in agreement.

“You are but for one thing. ” I said.
“Being open to accept being loved, again, like the day you were born.”

They walked away on their own. All but one, who reached out their hand slowly to mine.

by higman

talking in waves
to the tidepools of a life
isolated by the current
and the cycles of the moon

drifting upon still water
warmed by the sun
waiting under shadows from the clouds of noon

transparent as the water is clear
showing the course shallow floor
on occasion the surface reflects
what the sun above
illuminates more

there’s a shoreline
in us all
where the land meets the sky
where storms and tranquility wash the sea of our days
where winds come and go
dusk til dawn
in a perpetual tide
there’s a shoreline
in us all
where love won’t let us hide

Fire Forgiving
by higman

I’m a round peg in a square world
with no time or place for corners
hide yourselves into situations
I know where my storm is
Not one person on the planet is perfect
we all break in circumstances
only the graceful are willing to give others 2nd chances

Until you’ve been there, I once heard,
you can pass judgement but you won’t know
what broken bridges are between your own mind and soul
So unless your willing to take that person’s hand and help them when they fall
you can’t say you understand them at all

Life’s not all as cut and dry like a square hole appears
apply your wisdom when you learn others fears
noone asks for disfunction to be their lives
so they struggle like everyone to be sons, daughters, husbands & wives

Compassion bleeds from souls that are willing
to hold hands in the fire forgiving
so unless your willing to take that person’s hand when they fall
you can’t say you understand it all

it doesnt take much to show love at all
it doesnt take much to show love all
just be willing in the fire forgiving

Simple Wish
by higman

Here is my simple wish
out of love and passion
that you feel happiness
in all that you do
and that you never miss
living dreams that come before you

It’s just a simple wish
one I want you to see
come each and everyday
giving more than you’ll ever need cause I know with all that’s left
once your through
your heart will find much more to do
by blessing far beyond your reach
that’s the heart
in love I knew
when I was not too blind to see

It’s just my simple wish

Taken from Streams in the desert devotional. 10/14…

Difficulty is the very atmosphere of miracle — it is miracle in its first stage. If it is to be a great miracle, the condition is not difficulty but impossibility. 

The clinging hand of His child makes a desperate situation a delight to Him.

screwed up

by higman

im not allowed to screw up

as many times ive shown forgiveness
as many times been shut out
times of missinterpeted emotions
or stayed silent when in doubt

theres a vein of truth that runs deep in our souls
and it runs under a skin of pride and acceptence
i shed my skin so long ago
but still know how to keep my knees bent

so when or if fall
as we all do
i know in my heart
at least i tried the best i could do

to make right and understanding
after all we’ve been through knowing better all the while not to expect a what mercy may be due

im not allowed to screw up

I can vow nevermore
& only ask for accountabilty
by holding hands as we go through that door
and if your willing
to understand a love that is true
we all screw up
as people often do
but forgiveness is what humans do too

Shrugging Childlike
by higman

down a path
less spoken,
maybe its fitting
or maybe its just fate.

If loving was easier
to understand
my steps might be on a different road.
Yet like the clouds above me,
Love as we know it
just seems higher than what I can reach.

I’m a child that just wants everyone happy,
not to worry cause Gods got us all.
But adults have there learned ways.
Shaped by the fears of the world.
Something I used to carry but turning around,
it’s no longer there where I was told to lay it down.

Just two sets of footprints
one small, one big.
Turning around,
I just see the rocky road ahead.
Shrugging childlike
I continue on under partly sunny skies.

The Garden

by higman

We walk into life
like a garden escape
Strolling through the pathways
as children run and play
Leveling our thoughts and memories
to a dull roar
As our senses soar
Taking in all the colors
Each subtle change to the season
Getting lost within our little stroll

Cause we’re the reason
We get to live
We’re the reason
We learn to give
And take care of the world around us
while it’s still on our minds
We’re the reason
Til it’s our time

We’re the reason
To gaze at the moon
And then those that dream so
Compose a tune
We’re the reason
For the inspiration we find
We’re the reason
Til it’s our time

Sentimental stories of our passions long ago
Faces of the closest of friends
Family that tested the depth of our souls
It’s not whether we walk hand in hand to the end

We’re the reason
We smiled that one day
And no matter how much more of the garden we get to walk through
Every step I know
You’ll always be a reason of mine
Like we’re the reason
Til it’s our time

I’ll take the silent joy of the Lord
to fill the holes left in family for the holidays.
Gathered together with a host of angels, the thoughts beautifully drowns out the deafening loniness.
Memories should not be all that’s left at such a young age. Yet, if I close my eyes, I can tune in a presence closely and feel the warmth of a manger somewhere within my cold confined room. Maybe it’s in my heart. Thank you Lord.

You can’t tell me

by higman

You can’t tell me God’s is not real, when I look into a child’s eyes as they see a rainbow across the sky and feel the emotion that I know the only explanation for is that love is real. Something that moving could not come from my blood only from somewhere in our midst above, it is what Christmas time is made of and that extra help as prayer time heals
I love you but you can’t tell me that God isn’t real.

I wasn’t searching when the spirit found me then came a time and age when the circumstances and fate had arrived I was sheltered while a battle engaged.
I know less the more I know each day the grace of light is revealed
I can’t explain the guardian of my soul like you can’t tell me God isn’t real

May your heart be touched by the love of all time
And your being in his presence be sealed
Then I’ll smile with the wisdom of the ages as you shine all his glory so real, til then you can’t tell me God isn’t real.

Break Me Lord
by higman

Break me Lord/do what you need to do /I lay down before you at your feet and ask that you see me through /if there is light I could see in this darkness I would crawl as best as I could / but as for now I’m blind and do what only as the broken should
So break me Lord /as I give it all up to you /alone in the wilderness wrapped only in prayer /I trust not my own legs to take me there /only the spirit in a still voice brought upon the breeze / Break me Lord as I bow upon my knees/
With the spirit in you’re still voice brought upon the wind, break me Lord to you my life I give

Merry Christmas Freda to Francis

by higman

Here’s a Christmas to you Freda Francis
one with the light that still shines above
one with a heart that beats for more love
there’s no pride or embarrassment in a silent night only the voice of angels with their guiding light
it’s against modern thinking to live with those humble thoughts of just being content and warm no matter where you may be caught
The rock and the hard place maybe easy to find
but the security in faith is what really binds
strip away everything bought or given
you’re soul is all you need for living
And I’ve already put an abundance of love along with the grace straight from my hand for you to hold whenever you can
Cuz I know when it comes down to it on any blessed night the company of loneliness is your only fight so here’s a Merry Christmas to you Freda Francis may it pass on through that all season long you feel me holding onto you

Bringing Us Through

by higman

You have brought us to the door of the Temple /in curiosity and crying shame /we fall on our knees at your altar /as we feel you know our name / with prayers not heard through the tongues of man/ it’s by your spirit that we lift up our hands //
Hold Us near father God /as you stand us back up again /take away our fears Holy Spirit /and with your grace descend /resting on our shoulders that we may come to know all of you /we worship you Jesus and give praise for bringing us through

I Am Crucified
by higman

I am crucified
Inside and out.
I can’t place God in a box anymore,
He leaves no doubt.
Even before the things of this world pass away.
I can’t deny the spirit inside has heard me pray.
I am crucified
Inside and out.

I tried
I told him
In just another hour of need
Going through the motions
filling my spiritual feed
When a moment of clarity
Opened my mind
Telling me dont make it so hard
I’m easy to find

Your words when your seeking have already opened a door.
I am with you as you’re in me like never before.
No Angels or Demons, or anything on Earth,
has separated you from me since your birth.
Believe in me
Is all he said.
Believe in me
I’ve never left

I am crucified
Inside and out.
I can’t place God in a box anymore,
He leaves no doubt.
Even before the things of this world pass away.
I can’t deny the spirit inside has heard me pray.
I am crucified
Inside and out.

Beneath This Cross
by higman

Beneath this cross I bear
the pain that patience taught me
again, again and again
Forever landing on my shoulders with each step,
no matter how carefully I planted them
Bruising myself from one side to the next.
I took it upon myself,
struggling to understand,
how many make it through.
Through a journey where I do not know the end
but I do know I have a friend.
He let me know he took it to the end
and with that I felt it raise for a time.
I stood up straight at least for that moment
until being human left me vulnerable once more.
Until I would realize once again,
later on,
that beneath this cross I bear the pain
that patience taught me
again, again and again.

Dear Lord, there is no ground that I can walk on in any parallel that is beyond your site. Your majesty overwhelms yet comfort me. Your love both inspires and keeps me silent. Traces of your legion of angels surround all of us. Forgive those with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, hearts that cannot pause if even just for a moment to feel the heartbeat you have created in all of us. Bless us with blue sky and clouds that bring rain. Everything that we need to sustain us depends on your mercy. Forgive those who cannot see that and change their hearts. May we recognize the Miracles you bring for what they are. Your Love manifest in your omnipresence. Continue blessing us so that our minds may confront that discernment. Keep teaching through the Holy Spirit in Jesus name I pray, Amen.