Around Here
by higman

Grey skys/
I’m still smiling
while I’m inside/
Its easier to see the world
when your in
looking out/
Like a backward zoo watching behaviors/
where silence hears all shouts/
Somedays the understanding
of how people appear/
Gives me reason why they dont want me around here/

Its a cold world everywhere if you don’t know where to run/
Someone always finds something to bitch about about, even in the sun/
A smile isn’t always detectable on a face having fun/
Judgemental comments come from the most conforming ones/

Is where lonliness likes to hide/
There are times it can get the best of us its true/
But much wisdom has come to those strong enough to see it through/
Circumstances beyond our control, whether through reason or fear/
Explains what keeps many if us there/
Or speaks clearly the reason why they dont want me around here

Yesterday & Today

by higman

There were two constants in my world/ one that I did not want to have/ and one I never wanted to lose/ one that I could not understand and one that was my muse/ both I had known most of my life/ one was like a disease that took hold of my brain/ and one, like Cupid’s arrow, at my heart it took aim/
one that had stripped away slowly the sense of my time/ the other filled my pride to know she was mine/ Yesterday, there were two constants in my world I live upon/ today my stride for sanity drove them both to be gone/ an emptier world now could not exist/ one with only prayers and hopes filling my sky like mist


by higman

Keeping away the time
Filling space in your mind
Round and round they show
With nowhere else to go

Bring down the curtain with the image for your eyes
See what the living canvas shows
Sleep if you want to noone will know
just what they are missing in your dreams
Life isn’t always what it seems
til you live inside your. means

Never underestimate
your sleep

Get to know yourself in the deep

So Far

by higman

I need someone that will come to me as much as I go to them/ One that shows me I’m wanted/ I need a life that brings together the elements I can work with/ One that shows me I’m needed/
I don’t ask for much/ just the best for those around me/ I know alot is luck/ but it’s my faith that’s grounded me/ It’s like taking a picture with the best phone around, but losing the Moon in its own light/

I just need clarity, it’s not much to ask for/ Reality, to actually see an open door/ Timing, that seemed to have been lost long ago/ Patience, in an age that has no more to show/

So far to go with nothing to keep/ So far to go, so far to sleep


by higman

I would take the torment of the nightmares that once had me
then to be asked in 5 years where will I be
Shivers down the spine
when I think of it everytime
No matter how hard I try whenever I find myself in a place comfortably
It’s never too long cause your not there with me

I spent a lifetime
wondering what will be
In that lifetime
I was always me
It takes a lifetime
for us to see
That in our lifetime
what will be will be

I know there’s a higher power
I know there’s a higher love
I know there’s something more than the stuff we’re made of
In the course of a lifetime it’s not just about you and me
We can only hope & pray in our lifetime we’ll be able to see
that in our lifetime
what will be will be